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Capital Equipment by its nature requires a thorough Technical and Functional capability study and assessment at the time of short- listing process. The purchase decision is typically between a limited three or four qualified suppliers. Negotiations between these are largely manual leading to lower negotiation efficiencies, especially if and the product is largely interchangeable. Reverse auctions have proved that the prices are typically realized 20-30% lower with Dynamic negotiations.

Typically high end suppliers tend to charge a huge premium on name which can be reduced through a transparent bidding process.

  Indiaengineering, conducted online bidding for procuring 100T, 600T Hydraulic press for Rane Brakes. The procurement head was amazed to see reduction of around 20% from the supplier who had denied any discounts earlier. Similarly, DC drives worth Rs4.5 cr were negotiated online with a manufacturer, leading to reduction in prices by 15%. Clearly auction provides a potent negotiation tool once supplier selection is over.  


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