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  The success and satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. As leaders in Procurement and Asset sales services, our customers have realized substantial Return on Investment. Our services have helped our customers enhance visibility and control across the entire sourcing process, improved their product realization process and enabled them to gain greater control across their entire e-supply chain.

Whirlpool  has partnered with Synise on a combination model of Solution and Services. As a part of the services, Synise has provided the client with complete infrastructure and a dedicated services team to run the entire gamut of sourcing services.
  Tata Steel

Indiaengineering has helped Tata Steel  in negotiating unique transportation events ranging from inbound, outbound to export logistics. Our logistics services  provide in-depth consultancy, as also assist in drafting best terms and conditions on transportation.
  Tata Honeywell

Indiaengineering has been working closely with Tata Honeywell  by giving them a better understanding of vendor price through Price Discovery Bidding.  This helps them in executing the project faster as the price negotiation from likely vendors is already done and supplies can be discussed immediately.
  SKF India

Indiaengineering has signed an end-to-end disposals contract with SKF India, an ISO 14000 Company for handling their stringent environmental disposal requirements.

Thermax has been one of the early companies to recognize the benefits of SRM and go for price negotiation through bidding process.  After conducting several negotiation events, followed by a series of succesful transportation events, Indiaengineering has signed annual agreement on procurement and asset sales.
  Daimler Chrysler

An Annual Contract with Daimler Chrysler to handle their entire factory disposal on 100% outsourcing bassis.
  Cummins India

End to end annual disposal contract for recurring scrap and plant and machinery.
  F M C G
  White Goods
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