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India – Profile of an emerging giant :

India is the world’s largest democracy and is rapidly growing to become an economic giant. Some facts about India are -

  • India is amongst the top 10 economies of the world.
  • A vast manufacturing base including aircrafts, locomotives, ships, power ,steel, chemicals, automobiles, etc. with efficient supply chain management that has managed to keep the costs competitive.
  • Top destination in the world for low cost and high value services.
  • A free market society with advanced legal, financial systems.

India is emerging as the world’s largest low cost and high quality manufacturing base. The US and European companies are shifting their manufacturing base and are also looking at options to set up their operations here. Many of these companies are also looking at sourcing parts; components etc. from Indian suppliers and are in the process of developing vendor base in India.


India offers global industries the opportunity to buy quality products at extremely competitive prices. However, sourcing being highly technical and complex is a challenging task, especially in the matter of selecting the right service provider who will meet the specific requirements of the buyer.


Synise Technologies Ltd., (STL) - India’s leading Procurement Service Provider (PSP)

Synise is a part of the US $ 1.25 billion Kalyani group, one of the leading industrial houses in India. Synise has been in the business of Sourcing, Running Cost reduction Programs, Vendor Development etc. for last few years.
Synise is backed by the expert support and guidance from a giant company like Bharat Forge Limited with export revenue of Rs. 6555 million.



Synise has following capabilities :

  • Huge Data base of vendors from the engineering segment.
  • A pool of engineers with procurement background taking total experience in procurement adding to 115 years.
  • Price negotiation skills. We have handled buys worth Rs. 2103.03 mn for our clients in last 5 years giving them an average 10% saving.
  • Ability to handle logistics & export.
  • Understanding of enquiries techno-commercially.
  • Ability to respond to these enquiries quickly.
  • Expertise in exports related formalities.


Synise will offer the following services to international clients :

Export of components :
Synise will source the requirements of international clients from Quality Indian Manufacturers as per the requirements and export to the buyer.
Mediator between buyer & seller :
Synise will act as a mediator between overseas buyer and Indian manufacturer supplier.
Vendor Management Services :
Vendor Development : Expertise, huge database of Indian manufacturers and a team of qualified, dedicated and experienced engineers across the country is the strength of STL, which facilitates to develop a new vendor for the existing or a new product for our international clients. Understanding, analyzing and developing vendor systems is also undertaken.
Vendor Facility and Quality Audit : Based on the SQA of the short listed vendors given by the client, our engineering support team conducts facility & quality audit.
Vendor Liasoning : STL acts as a vital link between the client and the vendor. Periodic visits and stock taking of the raw material is undertaken to ensure smooth supply and timely delivery to the client. Personal supervision ensures quality products to the client. In rare cases of rejections CAPA is arranged for. Well supported MIS system gives all the information of the concerned procurement personnel at the click of the mouse.

For further details contact :
Mr. Krishnanath Kulkarni – Business Head VMS/ LMS/ IS
Mail : krishnanathk@synise.com
Mr. Vidyasagar Majati - Manager IS
Mail : vidyasagarm@synise.com



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