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  The company's Purchase head just couldn't handle it. He had more than 200 PO's to be signed everyday from a Rs10 pin to a Rs 5 lakhs pump. The important aspect is that while Purchase is to focus on bringing the cost of its strategic spend down, most of the time is spent on clerical and non strategic activity.

The recent economic recession didn't help either as most of the purchase departments are lean and lacking manpower to cope with the increase in supply requirements. It is really not about costs, as much as about the nuisance this 5% cost cause in strategic sourcing.

  Indiaengineering shall be a single vendor to this party, taking the load to identifying, sourcing and supplying a few thousand parts to the company. The advantage is also in terms of the aggregation that Indiaengineering can do in the process at least for all the consumables which are 99% common to all engineering industry.  


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