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  Indiaengineering’s Supply Management Services brings you to the forefront of Supply Management by providing a strategic insight into the complex multi-tier and transaction intensive purchasing processes.

Our services help buyers in identifying various elements of purchasing cycle from purchase order generation to supplier payment and the value that can be unleashed through efficient supply management. This is done by using extensive experience of working with leading corporates and best practices prevailing in the industry.

We offer the services using structured data capturing and analysis templates which includes following:

  • Capturing costs across the purchasing cycle.
  • Capturing cross departmental work flow and document flow.
  • Analyzing the Purchasing process and tapping non value add.
  • Applying best purchasing practices, providing overall Supply Management strategy blueprint with respect to following:

    -Order management
    -Delivery management
    -Goods Receipt management
    -Inventory management
    -Payment management
    -Savings analysis
    -Return on Investment (ROI)
  Our Supply Management services gives you the ability to build efficient processes with your suppliers, so you can evaluate your supply strategy, increase the efficiency of your supply base, and get the maximum return on relationship with all your suppliers on a recurring basis.  


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